Saturday, February 16, 2008

How It Adds Up

Housework - um, none is getting done. This summer I would wake up, drink my coffee and begin the day. By making beds, straightening the bathroom and making sure all the dishes are done; I felt that my day was off to a productive start. I could begin. Well, now it's not up to me to do these things as I am up earlier than any normal human should be and out the door soon there after. When I get home no beds are made. No bathroom is straightened up. No dishes are done. In fact, cupboard doors are left standing open (detest this). Beds have not been made since the first day back to school after Holiday break . . . uh, that was four plus weeks ago by the way. And dishes, with morning milk are still on the table! BTW - half the cereal is gentle strewn all over the floor in no clear pattern. A nice touch, don't you think?

Now I go blissfully along all day, not thinking of these things. They do not cross my mind. I am working, being productive and earning my meager salary. Why then, the minute I walk in the door and see these wonderful "gifts" the boys have left me do I instantly go insane?

So let's find a few positives, shall we? I have a few projects that are in the works. Two I can tell about, one is top secret that I will only tease you with right now. So, first up is a project I have literally been working on for five years. Beginning two generations ago, women in my family have been crafting hand made felt socks for Christmas (yes, this must be one of the last 2007 Christmas posts!). Each one with oodles of pieces, sequins and the tiniest damned beads I have ever seen. With the birth of each new child, a new Christmas sock is begun and, ideally, finished. The socks sparkle in the lights and my kids just love them. Since we all know I can begin anything, I began this sock five years ago when Boo-boo Bear was just a wee cub. Well, let's just say I am pacing myself, as it is still not finished. But we got close enough that he could use it this year! The back is sewn on at 11 pm Christmas Eve. When Boo-boo flew down in the morning he was tickled pink! Until he noticed that his name was not on the sock . . . so being groggy and really tired from late night sewing and wrapping I did the only thing I could do . . . I made up a big fat story! See, Santa came while I was sewing and told me he was on a tight schedule and HAD to deliver the goods now, so even if the sock wasn't done, up on the mantle it had to go. It was either that, or no goodies in the sock. Yes, not a big lie, but a lie no the less. In the end my son was very happy, so who am I to judge? The sock is now put away until next Christmas when I will pull it out and attempt to embroider his name on the top. Beginning good, endings . . .

The second is a treat I am working on for myself. This little beauty is Juliet from the great ladies at Zephyr. It is a quick knit that I am itching to finish. There is a slight snag with not purchasing enough yarn, but I will overcome. I must tell you about Zephyr's spectacular customer service. Since planning ahead is ingrained in every fiber of my being . . . anyone who knows me realizes that that statement is a complete and utter fib . . . I clearly ordered the pattern ahead of time. We all know I did not order ahead. We were leaving on an 8 hour drive to ski and I wanted to take it with me. I ordered two days before we left and my paypal showed the monies had been transferred, but I had not received the pattern yet. Zephyr's website clearly states it could take a few days after the money is transferred. But I was desperate, as eight hours in a car with all RM's buddies would drive me bananas; I needed something to occupy my time. So I Sarah and Rachel an e-mail pleading for mercy. After explaining my situation, these lovelies sent the pattern straight up! I had it within an hour of the e-mail and in plenty of time to run and buy the yarn before we left later that day. These gals saved my sanity. Thank you Sarah & Rachel! Normally I like to knit with all natural yarns. But in my desperate state I wandered from wool, alpaca and the other lovelies to *gasp* acrylic and soy. It was all I could get my hands on in the color I liked at 5 pm on a Friday. But it seems to be knitting up nicely and is very soft. The yarn is Bernat 50% soy/50% Acrylic in the color they call Sugar Cane. The Zephyr girls give you two options with this sweater, a cropped version and a longer, hip length version. Because the cropped version has the garter stitch ending right in the middle of the chest area and my chest area has been blessed by two rather larger "friends", I am opting to go with the longer version. I feel this will be more flattering to me. So knit on!

Now for the "secret" project . . . well, I have a partner in crime and when it's all done, I think it will be spectacular!