Friday, August 29, 2008

New Yarn Shop in Town

RM wanted me to get out of the house, though I don't understand why. I haven't showered in what seems like a month. My new perfume is a combination of baby poo, breast milk and 7 layers of floral scented deodorant. But he insisted I get out for an hour or two. So I showered and took a drive. Meandering along, I decided a nice visit to a new yarn shop would be good. And good it was. I wanted to snap up several things, but in the end got two skeins of Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk in pink and lavender. Not sure what I will make with them yet. Maybe a cute pair of socks and hat for Bean? A pair of bed socks for me? Belt or headband for Soccer Chica? Who knows. For that matter who cares? What I do know is that I got to purchase yarn from a nice shop.

There is a new yarn shop in my town! I should tell you it's within walking distance of my house! Please read into that statement "dangerous . . . too close for comfort . . . thinking of moving even closer." It's called Your Local Yarn Shop and it just opened. They have a good selection of yarn and shipments just keep coming in. Everyone was so friendly. There is a lovely spot with comfy couches and good light to "just come in and knit!", as I was so kindly invited to do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Great Unveiling

So I have been working on this project with RM for a while now. And many of you may have noticed a few baby knits I have made for a "dear friend." Well, here is what we have been stressing, sweating, eating right and exercising for . . .

We are pleased to announce that Curly or Bean, as she is now being called, entered our family in mid-July. She weighed 7 lbs and was 20 inches long. This model does all the normal things a baby girl is advertised to do. She poops (a lot), eats and sleeps. Repeat every two hours or so. We are woozy with excitement, OK really it's lack of sleep, but woozy just the same. At 40 years old, I don't know if I am equipped with the coping abilities needed for a new baby, but what the hell.

She is a blessing and we are very excited to welcome her. Hope you like my big project as much as we do.