Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's What I Got

Obviously by the amount of posting I have been doing, my life is busy. So let's cut to the chase and show you my current WIP's.

First, I am working on a pair of pedicure socks for a very good friend's birthday. Well, her birthday was a few weeks ago and I only have one done. Guess we will move this one to the Christmas present column for her. These socks were first knit up as a pair of Roza Socks by Grumperina, but I really thought the colors got muddy. So after a soothing rip out session, they have become pedicure socks. I did not look for a pattern, but just made it up as I went. Some after thought research showed me that I was not the first to knit a sock like this. There are several lovely pedicure sock patterns out there.

Next, I have begun the Barn Raising Quilt by Shelley Mackie and Larissa Brown. I cast on for this in July and figure I'll be done some time in the next 10 years. My plan is to use all my old sock yarn scraps. Which I have almost blown through. See my predicament? I will need to knit new socks before I can knit the square. But this is an EASY pattern to memorize, so I can use it as my travel knitting. Plus ski season is coming and I will have lots of time to knit while watching the little one run around the lodge.

There are more, and I will try to update in the next few weeks with those projects. Missed you all!