Friday, February 02, 2007

Give 'em A Little Rice Cereal

Mom: "Is the baby crying?"
Trixie: "Yes, but I think he's sleepy. "
Mom: "I bet he's hungry, just give 'em a little rice cereal."

Mom: "Is LM OK?"
RM: "Yes, he has a wet diaper."
Mom: "Oh, I bet if you give him a little rice cereal he'll be OK. "

Mom: "Why is Lula-belle upset?"
JJ: "She fell and stubbed her toe."
Mom: "Oh, poor baby. You know, a little rice cereal will help her feel better."

Do you see the trend? Apparently, rice cereal is the cure to everything. You know what cereal I am talking about? It's one of the first solid foods you can feed a baby. It tastes like . . . well . . . something that rhymes with "mitt" (had to keep that very weak knitting reference in there). I may be exaggerating slightly on the fact that this is her standard answer for everything that ails children. OK, I'm not, not really. But my mom's intentions are good. She likes to help and is always willing to give a hand. For this, I love her.

Which brings me to the fact that RM is sick. Down with a sinus infection and missing work. Two days. Two looooong days. The question I dread asking is "How are you feeling?" I usually try to do this while standing at the bottom of the basement stairs in a whisper. Otherwise I tend to hear how no one else this side of the Mississippi has ever been this sick. Ten bulls couldn't endure the pain he is experiencing. He then goes on to tell me how brave he is being between the moans and the sniffles.

Now, because I love him dearly (and want him to take care of me when I am old), I willing take care of his needs. Each and everyone. . . tomato soup and the "little" crackers, only the lemonade flavored Gatorade with crushed ice in the blue glass, running to the video store to get the last four episodes of 24 (at 9pm mind you), and the biggie . . . wait for it . . . no knitting while he is home so I can tend to his every need. That last one is H.A.R.D. But to me, he is worth it. When I need him, he is always there.

I need him to get better. Maybe I should give 'em some rice cereal?


Sarah said...

Trixie, you have me laughing out loud !!! Your man sounds so much like mine. I just love him with every fibre ( knitting reference for you ) but Good Grief does he like to make the most of an injury, an illness, a small pain. Through the week I hear about his bad shoulder, bad knee, hernia, headache, neck ache etc etc, but miraculously, come Saturday afternoon he bravely manages to struggle off for 90 minutes of football. Bless him!!! And Bless your man too!!!

JJ said...

If that doesn't work, I have a cupboard full of strained peas and carrots that may do the trick...

JJ said...

Or you could tempt him with a black diamond run at Boyne...

JJ said...

or your very loving sister can remind him how wonderful you are to endure his seemingly life-altering illness with such love and compassion. You pick. I am ready, willing and able to provide all of the above at no charge.

P.S. this has to have been one of your best posts yet. XOXOXO

Robin said...

LOL at the rice cereal - I think I know exactly the one you mean. My mom always used to feed it to my younger brothers - she's probably the same generation as your mom. Too funny.