Monday, January 29, 2007

JJ, This Is For You

JJ, found this . . . thought you might like it. The cute play on words and comments are funny.

Life beyond scarves.... if you know how to knit,then you know 50% of the process. When you're ready to move on and learn the other half of knitting, just watch this video with needles and yarn in hand and you will be on your way.

Yes, mys sister is hooked. I officially got the "Teach Me To Knit" call about a week ago. She is having trouble with her computer opening the videos at Knitting Help, so I thought I might help. Note, Knitting Help is a great site, and the problem is with JJ's computer, not Knitting Help site.


JJ said...

And she said to herself, "Trixie ROCKS! Who knew purling was so easy? Now if I could only make my piece look like hers instead of a bunch of spaghetti noodles cooked Al Dente!" Thanks, Trixie!
Love ya-JJ

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I can feel myself falling towards that day when I wander into the wool department in town and buy my first needles and pattern. What are you doing to me Trixie !!! ???