Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rubber Donuts and Painted Metal

Apparently, those four little black rubber things under your car (also known as tires) need air in them to work properly. Who knew?!

I drove with a flat tire to, not one, but three gas stations to find an air pump that worked. Along the way, several nice people flashed lights and pointed at my car. Yes, I felt dignified to be driving this hunk of *&%!*. Upon arrival at a working air pump, there should have been no problem, just fill the tire with air and I could be on my way. Uh, Yea. Remember, I am knitter, not a mechanic. But after a nice little visit to the local tire shop, I am now the proud owner of one new tire and new rim.

I did not want to spend my money on a tire and rim. I wanted to buy yarn. A nice chunky cashmere or some really great hand-dyed sock yarn would be nice. But, instead I get a big black rubber donut and metal painted to look like chrome. Gee I am bitter lucky.

I have decided to show you this. It's a sample for a sock of my own design. The swatch is knit in Knit Picks Palette line. By the way, red is hard to photograph, so this is not a true color, but a washed out version (even without flash). The 100% Peruvian Wool knits up nicely. I wanted a gauge of 7-8 stitches/1" on my Addi Turbo US 1 circs, but I am getting more like 9 stitches/1". Some minor adjustments can be made, since it is only a swatch right now.

Well, I am off to enjoy my new tire. If I am lucky, the remaining tires will need to be replaced in the next weeks, effectively ruining my yarn budget for the year.

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pamela wynne said...

Gah, what a hassle with the tires!

The cabled V pattern for the socks looks great, though -- thank goodness for KnitPicks when life gets in the way of fancy yarns.