Monday, January 07, 2008

Begin - Again and Again and Again?

I have been toying with a few posts for a while . . . OK more than a month . . . but just couldn't get my thoughts in order. I would begin, really enthusiastic about my topic, knitting and life in general. Then something would side track me (usually RM with some type of ache or pain - he's been sick). So the post would go by the wayside. Tomorrow I will post, I promised myself. Now, tomorrow came and went, and guess what . . . still no stinkin' post! The next week was here and I began again. Not really enjoying the post I started from last week, I began again. Wait, now I am bushed because work is kicking my arse. Whomever thought I could jump right back into full time work after 5 years off was loco. Oh, wait that was me. So instead of posting, I slept for two weeks. Well not really, but it just seems that way. A month or so passes and still no post. Really nice blogging friends begin to e-mail me about my whereabouts. I don't even have the energy to respond - bad friend that I am.

But my guilt is killing me, so finally I post. I get my lazy butt to the computer to set something out.
What to I write about?
Where do I begin?
It seems I can't remember the beginning, middle and right now don't want to know the end. All drafts seem frivolous and nonsensical that I can't bring myself to look at them. So I have begun, yet again. Begun to blog about knitting, life, skiing, running, kids and whatever else I damn well please. Mainly the knitting part, because it seems that's all I know. So watch for me!


Robin said...

Lately, I just sit down and start typing and don't worry about whether it sounds trivial or stupid. I find that I have more to say than I think I do a lot of days!

Margot said...

I don't agree : knitting is not the only thing you can do.
You can write too!
Proof : that is a good bit of writing you just posted! Really!
Even if it is about you not knowing what to write about nor how to start, continue or end!
A good bit of writing it is! I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the comment, by the way. Touched me.

kristinknits said...

Hey there! Welcome back to Blogville. I always feel guilty when I don't post ... but don't worry about it. Good to have you back!

Sarah said...

I am just glad you are back !! Welcome !! S