Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lot's of Life, a Little Knitting

My blog sub title says "Knitting . . . with a little life thrown in." Well, that is true with the exception that life has been over taking all knitting of late. Remember the secret project I have been terribly preoccupied with? Well, in a few more weeks that will be wrapped up. RM has even contributed a bit to give the finished product a little flair. We are breathless with anticipation. It has not been an easy road. Along the way we have had nausea, disappointments, aches, pains and many bumps in the road. I know the end result will be fantastic. Hopefully we get great reviews on it.

I had one of these a week or so ago. Now, I really love my birthday, but really don't like receiving presents, being the center of attention or my age. Back about 7 years ago, I decided that I would no longer celebrate my birthday, but the anniversary of my favorite birthday. Happy anniversary-birthday to me!

The kids made a lovely cake that tasted a hell of a lot better than it looked. Though beautiful, it would not make Food Network's top ten list. I took this photo after the candles where gone and a few tasty pieces eaten.

JJ is getting ready to burst, literally. The baby should be here by Monday (as if nature doesn't take it's course, her doctor will be helping things along). When we spoke yesterday, she was having fun picking out what her little sprite will wear home from the hospital. She has even knitted a hat, sweater and booties for him if it is cool enough . . . in Oklahoma. Somehow, I doubt it will be that cool. But they could always turn up the A/C a little (kidding!). Mom is there providing love, support and smothering helping JJ out. Yep.

I started this little project the other day. It is the bow-tied bolero from Simple Knits by Debbie Bliss. Having made this several times (it makes a quick and easy new baby gift), I can knit it in my sleep. Someone near and dear is having a baby and I wanted to knit her something for after the baby arrives. She is having a little girl, so this will be perfect.

I am using Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton yarn for the sweater. It is so soft! Definitely will use this yarn again.


Sarah said...

I love your cake !! I hope all goes well with JJ and the baby - I was wondering how she was - and you !! Can't wait to see your secret project !!Take care.
Sarah x

a friend to knit with said...

hope you are all well over there!

Anonymous said...

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