Monday, April 05, 2010

Tiny Ruffles

So, I work with this great lady. She has joined us (our "group" is 4 strong now) knitting during our lunch everyday. See, we walk to the library and knit for a half hour before we eat. Not a whole lot of time, but enough to complete a few rows each day. It is satisfying to know that I can complete a project this way . . . even if it does take the whole school year! But back to the conversation at hand. This lady is fun to be around and is enjoying her knitting. Though still learning, she tackles everything head on. Sometimes, taking the pattern too seriously, she make a few mistakes and gets frustrated. But she is sticking with it, having finished a sweater, half a sock and a baby blanket.

Well, this lady has a new grand baby! So I started these for her. Aren't they just the sweetest?! Besides my poor color choice, I think they are cute. Next time I will choose bolder colors. The pastels get lost and muddy. They are Rufflicious by Diane Kostecki. The yarn is called Blue Terra Cotta by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns and an Ivory by Lorna's Lace. Both are fingering weight and were easy to knit with.