Sunday, June 13, 2010

new endings

Haruni is almost finished. 99% done. I have to say that I love how it has grown and bloomed on my needles. It has been one of those projects that the knitting goddess blessed. The yarn was a joy, not to mention the color is divine. Of course my Addi Turbos are the bomb. A pattern that is clearly written and fun to knit is a bonus.

At the time I decided to tackle this project, I was leery of the crochet bind-off. I have little to no experience with the hook. Even though I own an entire set (thanks Gram). The pattern says that the size of the hook doesn't matter, so I tried to use one I thought was the same gauge as my knitting. Also, I wanted to embellish the shawl so I was adding some dainty silver lined beads to the bind off. Then, the goddess changed her mind. . . this wasn't to be "the one." Disaster struck when I ran out of yarn with only a few more inches of bind off to go. I knew the yardage would be tight, but went for it. Now there is no more yarn at the yarn shop (already checked). My only option is to rip back to the beginning of the bind off and use a smaller crochet hook. Dread.


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