Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to Blogging . . .

Well, I am back.

For a short time I had another blog.

Somewhere else.

Under a different name.

But the relationship just didn't work. So here I am.

A little about me. . . I am a SAHM, with two kids. Soccer Chica at 14 years old and Little Man Boo-boo (Little man or Boo for short) who is 4 years old. Before you say anything, yes there is quite a span between them. Maybe we had one too many glasses of wine one night? There is also Kitters The Grandma Kitty, who is 14 years old. I'd really love a dog, but Running Man (also known as RM or husband) says no. So we wait for the dog.

We live in Battle Creek, Michigan, where RM was born and raised. This is a good town, but for a city as large as it is, everyone knows your business. Not that my business is that interesting, I'm just sayin' . . .

I am currently enhancing my yarn stash and trying to knit everything I can get my hands on. Right now, I am in a sock phase, having knit five pair in the last two months. Love to knit for babies. How can you not love something that's fast and fun.

Some of my own designs are in the works. Hoping to post a few free patterns here. . . watch for more details.

Will post more later. . .

It's good to be back.

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