Monday, October 30, 2006

What Are We Running From?

Sunday RM finished his 10th Marathon!

RM ran in the Grand Rapids Marathon, with a time of 4 hours, 10 minutes. Yes, people, that's four (4) hours of running, non-stop for 26.5 miles! He averages about a 9.4 minute mile. Not too bad for someone over 40 with a bad hip. Way to go sweetheart!!!

After each one of these, I get inspired. I think maybe, might be, sorta, kinda, if I only applied myself, I might be able to accomplish a marathon. Then I review the training schedule. Whew, what a commitment. Lot's of miles each week, with a progressively longer run each weekend. Now, that drastically cuts into prime knitting time. No way, not for me!

But RM does it, year after year. Sometimes, it's almost like he is addicted to the run. He becomes obsessive about getting out there each day. Our Saturday mornings are dictated by how long his run is. I ask myself, "What is he running from?" Is he scared to get older? Is he too stressed and this is his way of blowing off steam or checking out for a while? Is he really happy with me? Now that's my fleeting moment of insecurity talking - ignore the last comment.

But I don't think he is so much running from something as to something. He is running to health. To work towards a goal. To get the joy of overcoming a challenge. For him, it's about the process. About climbing to the top. About finishing what you start and get the joy of completion. Isn't it the same with knitting? It's not just the finished object we are creating, but the excitement of design or pattern searching. The quest for perfect yarn. The applying yourself and overcoming the challenges to finish the work. Consequently, we as knitters, are just like runners. We are addicted not only to the joy of completion but to the process. So I say proceed with knitting!

Does this mean I can run to knitting as a form of exercise?

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