Monday, December 04, 2006

LYS Produced

I have been on a quest to get Debbie Bliss' Aplaca Silk Two for over two month's. Looked on line. Found it, pay about $4 less than LYS, but would not pay $4+ in shipping. Yep, I was spinning my wheels. All LYS's did not have the book. I checked. Until today! Hopped in my car and drove to Marshall to pick it up. Now it's mine. Mine. All mine. Nana-nana boo-boo *does the happy dance.*

Why should I be this excited? Well, I have been yearning to knit this for over a year. While letting the thought marinate, I would visit said LYS to lovingly touch the sample sweater. To soak up the yumminess of the yarn. To add up the price of the book and yarn. To *with shoulders drooping* leave the store and bang head on steering wheel. This summer I had enough extra in the budget to purchase the yarn, thinking the book would be a cinch to find locally. Yea. Right.

Now that all supplies are in my possession, I will begin swatching for the simple wrap sweater with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in navy. I am working on some house socks out of this yarn. It is scrumptious next to your skin. The fabric this yarn produces is very flexible. I realize there is a knitting specific term I should be using for "flexible." But I am having a brain fade. I am hoping this sweater will go well with jeans or a skirt. All depends on my abilities now.

Serious . . . Heavy. . . Industrial Strength Cleaning will commence immediately. Relatives are coming to stay for a week! Wish me well.

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