Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa, are you there?

I have a finished object.

Pattern: Child's "Ear" Hat w/Tassels by Goodknit Yarn: Carron's Simply Soft in Buttercup (it's *gasp* acrylic)
Needles: Bamboo US6 circ
Started: December 13, 2006
Finished: December 14, 2006
Notes: Very easy pattern. I had some trouble with seaming the rib portion. Used acrylic yarn (yep, I am a yarn snob). Typically, I like to use natural fibers. Yet, for a new born baby garment that could require a lot of washing, this was the perfect choice. The yarn is very soft to the touch and doesn't catch on the needles.

Now, why do I have a finished project that wasn't even on the radar? My sister and her family arrived Sunday night from Oklahoma, hence the industrial cleaning. But, Boo-boo caught the flu. Yep, he has the big daddy flu. Fever, vomiting, won't leave my lap flu. Can't leave the house because he is contagious flu. Scare sister and family away flu. She and the kids have gone to stay with friends in Kalamazoo because of this. I am sad. Why did she leave? This adorable little person is why. He is too young to get a flu shot. Nobody wants something this sweet to feel that bad. So, they packed up and left. No early Holiday celebration, no kid’s museums, no fun sister-to-sister shopping for us. See why I have a quick FO? Needed a pick me up. Just seeing this on him will give me such a chuckle. Plus, a nice quickie always puts a smile back on my face. Not that kind of "quickie" - naughty-naughty.

That's until I had to make the decision to move the staff party from our house to a local condo clubhouse (thank goodness for in-laws). Boo-boo just isn't up to all those people in the house or being trucked off to a sitter. Who would take him sick anyway? Didn't I just finished painting the bathroom, hallway and dinning room for this party? Yep. Also, hauled out many more Christmas decorations than originally planned to make house look festive. Don't get me wrong, I love to decorate. But when I am the only one who gets the decorations out or puts them away, it's easier to go simple.

Consequently, I am feeling blue again. It will take a boat load of yarn and maybe some new needles to make this funk go away. I'm thinking wool tweed would do the trick.

Leave you with a look at how a sick 4-year old can trash a family room in under 10 minutes:

*Photo Removed*

Santa, please bring me a toy room.

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