Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No Woodwinds Here

RM and Boo-boo went to Boyne for the weekend. I asked them to go because I needed to get the house ready for family guests and RM’s staff party. Remember, all intentions were good.

My friend, we’ll call her . . . Roxanne (identities have been changed to protect the innocent), and R’s Sister all went out for a cocktail Friday night. While waiting for a drink, we met some of the musicians from the Brass Band of Battle Creek. Check it out. Very talented people from all over the world let me tell you. The Christmas Concert was sold out, but they got us four tickets! So Roxanne, R’s sister, Soccerchica and I went on Saturday night. I loved it! It’s amazing that Battle Creek has a nationally renowned Brass Band. It never occurred to me that we would be so lucky. The band will be performing again in March. You can bet I will be there.

Long story short, I got the bathroom and hallway painted, the Holiday decorations out and lots of errands done. Most of the chores on Saturday were done with a throbbing headache. Not sure where that came from . . . *she giggles.*

I knit a little on this and ran into trouble on that. For the right front of the Simple Wrapover, I should be done with my decreases and ready to bind off at 22 ¼”. Well, I have nine more decrease rows and am already 1/4'” past required length. I checked my gauge all over that darned front panel. Guess what, it’s right on for stitches and rows. The Debbie Bliss site had no errata on the pattern. So now what?

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