Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Wise Man Once Told Me . . .

“Shh, I'm not supposed to talk to you and it's just a bath robe!"

First, kids in a Holiday Pageant are too cute for words. LM got to be one of the Wise Men. He was all over that crown and bathrobe. When I whispered to LM (as he walked by) that I liked his regal robes, he leaned over, cupped his little hands around his mouth and in the loudest whisper said, "Shh, I'm not supposed to talk to you and it's just a bath robe!"

I love the teachers in LM's pre-school class. They did a super job coaching the kids through the entire program. It takes a lot effort to get nine 4-year olds in the costumes, let alone act out the motions. I was proud of all of the kids. RM was Video Master "R", and got the whole thing on tape. There will be a full scale premier Christmas Day.

My friend (who is blogless) sent me this skein of yarn and a pattern. The yarn is by Diakeito. I am sure it has a style name, but at this point the ball band is across the room and I am too sleepy to go get it. There are yummy brown, plum, ecru and a light blue/turquoise colors throughout. But what I find so fabulous are little "blossoms" that repeat through out the yarn, giving it a very decidedly feminine look.

This will knit up to be a Beaded Scarf, designed by Kyle Doolittle. I think it will look fantastic with jeans. The fabric will be very light, so definitely a fashion object, not a function object. The beads will give just a subtly glitter to it. Having tried knitting with beads here and here, I know I like having the beads on the working yarn. This pattern calls for a crochet hook and placing the beads on the individual loops. Hopefully, this method will not slow me down that much. Still, I'm not holding my breath.

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