Friday, January 05, 2007

Pi Anyone?

Kitty Pi that is. Grandma Kitty is 72 in people years. She moves slow, eats very little and takes all the "loving" the kids dish out. I think you can determine this by the set of little hands and bushy hair in picture.

Our house is drafty. To give her a cozy place to sleep I wanted a soft bed that would hide all the cat hair she so lovingly produces. It had to be large enough to hold her, yet small enough to fit by her favorite register. Priced them a local stores and decided the cost was too high. So, out came the knitting needles.

I found Kitty Pi Pattern by Wendy Johnson and decided I could knit this up quick. Using Nature Spun 100% Wool in three colors, I cast on Friday and finished on yesterday. This includes felting and blocking! This is a photo of the piece before felting. Wendy's pattern calls for bulky yarn. LYS did not have any (another story), I just knit with two strands together.

Now, let me tell you, this knits up very fast. The pattern calls for US 11 needles or larger. Next time, I will use US 13. Grandma Kitty needs a slightly larger bed for upstairs. These are so quick she may end up with a Kitty bed in each room. For the next one, I'll try yarn from Knit Picks. Not sure if I want to use the hand-dyed or if I want to work a stripe pattern. Letting that marinate right now.

Note - This was a post that had been drafted back on November 13, 2006. I was doing some New Year cleaning and found it. Now I am finally posting it.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope you don't mind me, but I wanted to say thanks for your help with my blog !! And also to compliment you on your skill. I think that your work is gorgeous. I have no talent in that direction I am afraid, having knitted only once in my life. That sweater is still unfinished & the niece I started it for as a baby is now 12. Ooops ! S

trixie stix said...

I don’t mind at all. It’s nice to have someone to talk with. I am new to blogging and enjoy the new friends I can meet.

Thank you for the compliment on my knitting. This is a new hobby for me, but I love it. My husband on the other hand feels like I have an addiction to yarn. J You should finish the sweater. Maybe it could be gift for a friend’s baby?

Keep in touch.