Monday, January 08, 2007

A Swift Way to Get All Wound Up

Can you believe I forgot to post about my Christmas gift from Mom? Usually I get a great pair of PJ's. I have about twenty pair of PJ's now. How many does she think I need? But this year, Mom went out on a limb. She tried something new (must be the Arizona air). Well, I like this limb and she can stay out there year after year!

Yes, friends . . . she got me a swift and a ball winder! Now that's a good gift. Make that a great gift! Thanks Mom!

I don't know the brand of the swift, but it is all wood. Each join is hand-tied and it turns so smooth. When I opened it, a noise came out of my mouth that sounds like what those teenage girls make when they see Kelly Clarkston in concert, etc. You know what I mean, that high pitched irritating noise. Yep, I made that noise. I was too excited to care. At my age, there should be no school girl squealing, except when . . . oh never-mind.

The ball winder is by Royal. It doesn’t seem to clamp tightly to my table, but that is my tables fault, not the winder. The table is oval and the lip is too small for the clamp. But I have other tables/places we can enjoy winding fun.

Both were taken on their first test drive last night. They work beautifully! Each was so easy to set-up and take down. RM says it’s my Mom’s way of enabling my “yarn habit.” Ok, so what’s his point?

Now I'm off to get all wound up . . . all my stash yarn that is.

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