Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Between One and Two

Just a quick progress shot of the Betweener socks. I can see the finish line. These were begun back in October, 2006. Have I said this before? I love this yarn. Alpaca and Silk . . . yummy. Plus, I am knitting them on US 5 needles. So, I would say they were a quick knit (if I would work on them more). Well, I have decided that I want to get the smaller projects off my needles. There are a few sweaters that are beckoning me to knit them.

I have decided that I might start to exercise some time soon, in the future. I fell off the wagon before Christmas and need to get back in the routine. This looks like fun. I found it at Yarn-A-Go-Go (a blog I have lurked many times - it's great). Spring Break is less than three months away and I will be going somewhere warm!

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Anonymous said...

I have signed up to Runagogo !! Looks like fun !! Good Luck with starting exercising again. S