Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have known that Grey's Anatomy was around. We have a television. I read the gossip magazines in the grocery checkout, but I had never, ever watched the show. There are other things in my life more important. Children, knitting, husband, knitting, cat, knitting, eating, knitting. . . you get the picture.

I would neglect my chores and place the kids in front of the TV to knit (Not, very often, I am not a big TV advocate mind you). Knitting was my escape, my serenity, my calming force so to speak. RM would come home and I would have a new sock done. No clean boxers, no dinner ready nor the house clean, but a great new sock. My knitting friends would come over and all the kids would play while we happily knit. Sure toys were everywhere. Yep, they had noodles from a can and juice (instead of milk) for lunch. But everyone was having fun.

That was before.

Before I had to go searching for a Grey's Anatomy Box Set. You see, it was a gift for CJ, my sister's husband. A smart, intelligent man who has a hidden sense of humor (and a knitting blog lurker . . . I know your out there, I can feel you). Never really understood what he saw in this television show. Up until now, I thought it was another ER. Too much blood and drama for me. If I am going to sit in front of the TV or movies for that matter, I want to enjoy what I am watching. But on a whim I rented it (hey, it was free). Big mistake - BIG mistake.

Now I am neglecting my duties for a new love.
Oh Gosh, I'm hooked.
Can't. Tear. Myself. Away.
There is a knit night in my town that I just found out about (helps to read the paper once in a while Trixie) on the same night! Oh no, how do I choose? I can't . . . I won't . . . Help!

My mind's made up, tonight I'm cheating on my knitting! Thanks CJ.


Robin said...

I caught up on Grey's through my Netflix subscription, then once I got current I caught a few episodes on ITunes, then Tivoed. I watched ER from the beginning through Netflix too. I seem to never watch shows when they're "actually on TV"!!

Yarn It said...

Ahhhh....yes. Greys. What you need to do is have a "mindless" knitting project at hand when you watch Greys'. Because, then you feel useful doing an un-useful thing - watching Tv. That is what I do and that is how I justify it! I love the show. Addicted from the start.