Monday, March 12, 2007

No Knitting Content

Well, the weekend weather was gorgeous! We all went outdoors for some fresh air. These are some daffodils (I think) that are coming up next to the garage. I planted them two summers ago, along with some hyacinth, early tulips and crocus. When they are all in bloom, they look lovely.

RM & Boo-boo spent quite a bit of time down by the lake smashing the ice up. By the time they were done, RM had fallen in to the water up to his knees. Does the little boy ever leave the man?

During Friday's game, Soccerchica hurt her wrist after being smashed into the boards (whoever says that girls don't get rough was WRONG). Long story short, she is now wearing a splint, waiting for the results of x-rays. Read fracture and/or cast in our future.

Since I am fighting a cold, I am taking vitamin c and zinc to keep the worst symptoms away. Doesn't seem to be working. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep the day away. But, Mom duties call . . .

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Sarah said...

I hope Soccerchica is ok.And I hope that you got some sleep. Its hard when you're a mum and feel like crawling away to a darkened room and a cosy bed. You just know that you need to look after the children first. Ug. S