Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just In Time For Spring

I haven't worked on Flora for a while because I ran out of yarn. Knitting the body began with Jo Sharp's Kid Mohair in Rosehip and Alpaca Kid Lustre in Ripe and Vintage all held together. Ending this project with the same yarn would be nice. The yarn is very enjoyable to knit with. Colors are ever-changing, with absolutely no pattern/pooling, which is fun. An added bonus is the Alpaca is very soft, especially pleasing since it will be going near the tender skin of my neck (I am a delicate flower, you know).

The scarf portion is complete, but I did not have enough yarn for the flower. Because I really wanted the dye lots to match, more was ordered more from Lost Art Yarn, in Traverse City. This was where I purchased the original batch and they (thankfully) had the same dye lot in stock. So after some exchanging of vital purchasing information, the yarn is now here.

It came in the mail today! Whoo-hoo! But aliens seem to have taken over our house, so I hope I get to use the yarn at all (really, it's Soccerchica being goofy - gotta love her).

Speaking of Soccerchica, there are lots of soccer games this weekend for her. We had two indoor games last night, two games for a Tournament in Wixom today, and another indoor game in Grand Rapids on Sunday. Yep, I'll be doing a lot of driving. But knitting will go with me.

At my current rate I should finish this about mid May. It goes without saying that I will have to wear it once before she is put away for the season. I think Flora will look stunning with my Bermudas, t-shirt and a cute pair of strapy sandals - in June. Pray for a chilly morning. . .

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