Friday, March 09, 2007


Remember how much fun it was to be a child? What was it that made us laugh at the simplest things, for no reason at all?

Gloom seemed to over take our house, eating our happiness. We were grouchy. Cabin fever had hit us in a bad way.
We needed some summer.
Since Michigan's current climate isn't exactly outdoor swimming weather, we did the next best thing. During Boo-boo's bath time, I got out the bubbles. Not the bubble bath kind, but the outside, blow kind. He spent over an hour in the tub. Blowing bubbles and laughing - hard. This brought all the sunshine we needed back into our home, effectively erasing my memory of all the earlier bad and gloom, making me happy.

He's now asking for bubbles at every bath time. Sunshine everyday at our house, Yippee!

Knitting note ~ sleeves are on the needles for Ouch and I have put Wicked down to contemplate my next move.


Yarn It said...

I keep seeing another "Lara" pop up on other peoples comments. So now I am at your blog. I think your idea of bubbles in the tub is wonderful. That is a creative mom for you. There is nothing like the laughter from your little ones. I am so glad you are enjoying it and have found a solution to a tough day.

Sarah said...

What a great idea !! You sound like you had a lovely time. I might have to get some bubbles for my boys!! S