Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where Oh Where Has This Knitter Gone?

Well, I've been knitting away at the Simple Wrapover (aka Ouch)and Wicked. I can see the finish line on Ouch. The back panel has, literally, one more inch to knit and it will be done. After that I can move on to the sleeves. Because I just want to be finished with Ouch, I am going to cast on both sleeves on the same needle. Wish me luck, because with the mojo this sweater has/has not (depending on your outlook), this could be interesting.

Wicked is a few inches from getting a pocket. After that, she only needs the left sleeve (I finished the right sleeve because round after round of Stockinette was, well, tedious) and . . . viola! . . . a new sweater. Yet, I can't help to second guess my yarn color choice. It could look brilliant or look like the Easter Bunny threw-up. It was sunny this morning, yet I missed my opportunity to get a photo with true color of the yarn for you. We won't know until it's all done, eh?

My cousin is coming to visit tomorrow evening. He just returned from Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star during this last tour (he has been to Iraq more than once). So, I am cleaning and getting ready to cook him a great big "comfort food" meal. We are very excited to reunite with him. He has asked me if I would ride to Clinton Township with him to visit some family grave sites later this week. So I may get a chance to spend more time with him, we'll see. Maybe I could get him to stop at a yarn shop or two along the way? Yea, riiiight.

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Robin said...

Can't wait to see Wicked!! (LOL on the possibility of the Easter Bunny having thrown up.)

Congrats to your cousin on the Bronze Star. That is truly admirable!