Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Wicked Ways

Well, I went and purchased the pattern for Wicked. After seeing Robin's, I knew I needed to have this sweater. Because of budget constraints (our truck needed major repairs this week) I could not splurge on expensive yarn. I pulled some Nature Spun in Lavender Blue from my stash. In my opinion it will make a great short sleeve version. Still up in the air about the pocket. . . and the ribbing vs. moss stitch (I have seen several comments about this on other blogs).

In other news, I figured out the problem with the simple wrap sweater, as detailed here and here. The pattern calls for a decrease at front edge until 22 stitches remain, then knit until piece is 22 inches in length. Not in the three times I knit the front could I get anywhere near those numbers. Then by chance through my exceptional math skills *giggles - a lot* I found that I had exactly double the stitches needed. So instead of a single decrease, I did a double decrease. Ta-Da! Needless to say, I have the right front complete and the left will be done by the weekend. Yea, it feels good to conquer this one.

Boo-boo wants to know why I never "knits" him anything. I guess the sweater doesn't count. It was one of the first sweaters I knit, so maybe the quality is a little low. But each stitch has a lot of love. But now he has requested some socks. Maybe I'll "knits" him a pair to match Daddy's.

OK, that's three projects I am working on at once, plus some traveling socks and a design project. Hey, "knits" monogamy is not my strong point.

I'm sooo wicked!

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Robin said...

Thanks for the mention! That was nice! I like the color you've chosen for Wicked too.