Friday, January 19, 2007

Nothing But Progress, I Think

Haven't posted about this or this for a while. I am having gauge issues. I hate gauge issues. Oh, and I hate reading directions correctly issues. And executing simple M1 issues. And project attention deficit issues. And . . . Need I go on? This project has not been blessed by the knitting goddess.

I love Debbie Bliss Patterns and Debbie Bliss yarn. Period. End of Story. But I don't like when I rush into something, completely disregarding my responsibility to pay attention. I think Mr. Rogers sang:
I like to take my time to do it right.
I just might have to make a mistake
If I should have to hurry up
And so I like to take my time.
Well, I did not listen to Mr. Rogers on this one. I will be tinking back to before the increases on the front left panel. Ouch. That's 30 rows. Guess I'll slow down a bit.

In other news, my family was here for a visit last week. We had fun just spending time together. The two older kids played and I got to hold JJ's little boy (JJ is my younger sister). What is it about a baby that instantly sooths your muscles, forcing you to relax and allow time to gently pass? Needless to say I got little knitting done, but do have a surprise to post tomorrow!

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