Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Am A Yarn Pusher

Last summer JJ received a purse similar to these from me. I think she liked it, because she wanted to make one while she was here. In our chat, I told her about my newest project, a felted bag made from an old sweater. It's fun to take something old and find a new use for it.

JJ thought this type of project sounded right up her alley. Out we trotted to Salvation Army, bought some wool sweaters and she took her first drag of sweater felting. Yes, ladies and gentleman, she's officially hooked. Here is what she got accomplished in just a few hours. Note the handles are only pinned in, thus causing the two dimples. She will be hand sewing these in later.

Oooooh it was good. I think she could become a fiber addict. In the beginning she will stick to recycled sweater felting. Next she'll whisper that she wants me to teach her to knit. Which I will graciously do *note shifty eyes*. I might even give her the first hit skein of alpaca for free. After that I know it won't be long before she's calling me late at night about how to execute a certain type of stitch. First it will be a simple yarn over, then maybe a k2tog then . . . bam. . . it's a skpsso combo. Yes, my pretties, she's all mine. After that, I can pretty much guarantee we will hit a LYS together at every chance we get.

RM says I am enabling her and now can be labeled her yarn pusher. Yea, so what's he really trying to say?


JJ said...

So, are you going to add fortune teller to your list of attributes since you definately called it that I would ask you to teach me to knit? I'll send along my newest creation soon. Luv ya-JJ

Robin said...

I'm a yarn pusher too. I am famous for telling people I'll teach them how to knit when they ask me if I'll make them a sweater (although I did get sucked in recently and will be making my first one for $$ soon.) I like your blog -added you to my blog list!