Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Opportunity . . .

This morning, I lay in bed for several minutes. I was just listening to our household morning sounds. There was no TV spitting out morning PBS children's shows. None of Mom's snoring from LM's room-turned guest room. No "Auntie Trixie, are you . . . ?" from Lula-belle (3 yr. old niece). The rythmic thump-thump-thump of a soccer ball being dribbled by Soccerchica is gone. No hot coffee already brewing, with a steamy cup waiting for me on the counter. I'm still waiting for the horror of that one to pass. Things were strangely *pause* quiet. The only exceptions being RM getting ready for work and Grandma Kitty asking for her morning kitty treat. All my house guests are gone. I miss them. I miss them. I miss them. I miss them for the above reasons and many more I would never list here. So I got up to face the day.

Today will bring me many opportunities. But today will not bring them back to me. They have flown back to their respective lives, rejoining their families and daily routines. I dreaded them coming, but found I liked them here. (JJ, I know you read this - don't get a big head). I miss them. We had fun sitting at the kitchen table ripping apart used sweaters (I can hear your collective knitters gasp) for felting. There is something to be said for three generations of women crafting together. Opportunities to just be ourselves and create an object/art/trash - depending on who is looking at it - that will go on without us. A piece of ourselves to be shared with others. What an opportunity.

So, I will use today as an opportunity to cherish all my family, far and near. An opportunity for the little family unit I have left here in Michigan to make memories and objects/art/trash to give as pieces of ourselves that can live on. My hope this that the objects/art/trash give their owners as much joy in using them as creating them has given us.

Please create your own opportunity today.


Anonymous said...

You paint a lovely picture of your household. I think the thought of family around a table making things to cherish, talking, laughing, is just wonderful. Sarah

JJ said...

I agree with Sarah, Trixie. And which of the "sisters two" should be a writer???? I don't think it is me. But I do think I will relish in your desperate desire to sit within my company for just a little while; since I have longed to hear that from you for 30 years.:-) I love you, big sis!