Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hurry, Throw Me A Life Preserver!

I'm jumping in.
You can't stop me.
Don't even try.

Hopefully, after my dip in the frog pond, I will come up with a refreshed perspective on this sock yarn.

I first saw Whitby by Nancy Bush here and here. They each inspired me to get try knitting these socks. Well, Mr. Rogers wasn't singing very loudly, because I rushed right in up to my knees. Bought the yarn (I chose a Louet Gems yarn, thinking I would stick to pattern specs) and cast on . . . with the wrong weight yarn. But, I was adventurous and thought I could forge ahead with some minor adaptations. Riiight. So, began my first lap in the pond.

Tried this line of thinking for a second time, but just couldn't find a grove. Lap two.

I cast on for Zonki by Pepperknit next. I think this is a super pattern. Clearly written and fun to knit. Definitely thought this was the "one" for this yarn. But the yarn didn't love this pattern and fought me every step. Also, LM decided to "try knitting" and got in my knitting bag. If you look closely in the picture, he really did me no favors, leaving more stitches off the needle than on. It must be an omen. I am beginning to think this yarn loves the nauseating spin of the ball winder and doesn't want to be a sock. Thus begins lap three.

I'm getting in the pond . . . here I go . . . Dive!

P.S. ~ As yarn is my witness, I will not let this defeat me. Zonki will get knitted in another yarn that is worthy of the pattern. Whitby will get knitted in the correct weight yarn. And I will slow down giving my fingers a chance to lose the puniness so I won't have to jump back into the pond. I will not do another lap with this yarn. It will become a pair of socks.

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