Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hmmmmm So Good

Last night my cousin arrived for a too short stay and dinner. He has a 30 day leave from the Army. Because his daughters are attend school (in Germany) and he did not want to pull the away from their studies he is doing a week's worth of traveling on his own.

I felt compelled to feed him a home cooked meal. Now, cooking is really not my strong point. I made meatloaf once that our dog wouldn't eat it (really, that's true). But I did make a passable meal this time. No vomiting or upset tummies so far. The one dish that did turn out was this Sweet Potato Soufflé (recipe courtesy of JJ). It is Hmmmmm so good. In fact, I had a little this am for breakfast. Very rich and creamy.

Here is Wicked a few days ago. Having forgotten that I even took the photo, I found it while downloading food pictures. So I thought, "What the Heck." But I can not get the color right to save my life. Flash on. Flash off. Light in back. Light on side. Heck I even tried no light. But still the color remains washed out.

After knitting the body to 10 inches, I am wondering if I should a) do the increases for hips even though it seems ample through the waist already, b) forge ahead without the increases, or c) rip back and decrease once or twice more, then included increases at hips as written. Decisions, decisions. Does anyone have an opinion either way?

Well, I waited so long to post this that I think it's safe to head back for some more Sweet Potatoes! A girl can only go so long between meals.

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