Friday, March 23, 2007

Simple Wrapover Finished

After a few torturous moments, OK, hours really, the Simple Wrapover by Debbie Bliss is finished. This project has been with me since December. We have become the best of friends and the worst of enemies. After a complete grounding and two month sentence to the UFO basket to think about its naughty ways, we regrouped and completed the task. Yet, I love the sweater. Not factoring in all the stretch that occurs with Alpaca, I should have knitted the next size down, but the additional fabric let's me wrap it a little tighter. It's cozy and very, very comfortable. For all the lost mojo during knitting, I think will gain mojo during wearing.

You can see pattern details, etc. here. I am so done with this sweater.

There are a few projects that you just don't have the mojo on. They draw you in, so innocently with superb pictures, lighting and one of the "beautiful people" as models. The yarn is ultra soft and contains all the luxury fiber you could want. Then, you start knitting (here is where the wheels fall off). You knit, and knit, and knit and knit. Find out you misread the pattern and you rip and rip and rip back to stupid, idiotic, moronic said error and fix. Beginning again, you then knit and knit and knit. Rinse, wash and repeat the last two steps twice more. Still nothing seems to be going right. If you are like me, you then give the piece a good, strong talking to (while including all kinds of four letter explicative’s) and send it to the UFO basket for a long over due time-out. I have always hoped that during this imposed time-out the magic will some how re-appear, bringing the joy back to knitting. Normally it does return. Yet this time I had to yank the magic back by-the-horns so to speak.

Because I worked so hard on this sweater, you are getting three pictures! That and it is so damn hard to photograph this color blue. Not one picture showed all the details. It has a great picot edging. The drape of the fabric is wonderful and seems to float on you. But none of this showed in the photos. Again, no magic or mojo for me.

I am so done with this sweater.

PS ~ please know that this in no way is a reflection on the designer. This was a total reflection on me as screw-up knitter. I will knit Debbie Bliss patterns again and again.


Robin said...

The simple wrapover looks amazing - nice work!

Holly Bee said...

Love the wrapover! If I ever get my current projects done.....

I really like your Wicked sweater too! I have some stash yarn that wants me to buy that pattern :)

Sarah said...

What a lovely sweater! It looks really soft &cosy. I stood by the knitting section of my local shop yesterday and considered buying a simple knitting pack. Chickened out though. S

Yarn It said...

It looks beautiful! Hopefully it was worth all the trouble. I love the color too. That dark of blue is very hard to photograph but you took some great pics!

Carrieoke said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I love that color. Great work!

bryonymoose said...

Hi I noticed you were having problems with this pattern. Can you take a look at my post below and see if you can help? In addition, the front edge of your "front" pieces looks straight up until the waistline whereas mine decrease right from the cast on edge, which is confusing me a bit. Could you email me a picture of how the pieces look? Any help would be most gratefully accepted as I am unable to contact the publishers (the DB website has no contact information whatsoever!).

Thanks so much

Hi all
Can anyone help me with this pattern? I'm on left front and have just done my first increase (K7 m1 work to end). However it does not say to continue decreasing at this point. If I stop decreasing then I will have a blunt edge on the front edge for the number of rows that I am increasing for. The pattern then reads "keeping side edge straight, cont to dec at frint edge on every foll 4th row until side seam measures 30...". I feel as though I should be decreasing all the time. Can somebody please advise me how this should look as the finished garment in the photograph is not very clear.

Many thanks

trixie stix said...

byronymoose ~ I would be happy to post a photo of the sweater. You caught me at a good time. It is just coming out of the wash. So, while blocking, I'll snap a few and post. Give me a few days though because I just started a new job.