Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Swatching For Stripes

Now comes some swatching for a striped pair of socks.

I have selected a yarn called Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool in red current (shade 17), Dusted Grey (shade 18), and Girlie (shade 9). It is a DK weight yarn that is so soft and cushy, I just can't get enough. It was first mentioned here. This is my first foray into stripes and I am skittish about how they will turn out. I have swatched on straight needles and dpn's in the round to get the feeling of the color changes before I begin. Probably a little over-kill, but I was a Girl Scout back in the day.

After a few swatches, I found that I prefer the drape of this fabric when knitted on US 4 dpn's. The ball band calls for a needle size of US6. If I was knitting a sweater, I would likely stick with that. But I am knitting socks, so a tighter gauge is better in my book.

Send me knitting good wishes on the stripes.


Robin said...

Looks great! I only did stripes once, for the Ines sweater, so I know what you mean about being apprehensive. Are you going to carry the yarns up the side or cut them? I would go with a smaller needle too for socks - I agree.

trixie stix said...

I am carrying the yarns up the side. To be honest, it was a lazy way out for me, I did not want to weave in all those ends. ;-)