Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bikini Bottom - Complete

Pattern: Generic Toe-up Recipe with short row heel
Yarn: Cider Moon's Glacier in Bikini Bottom
Needles: US 2 Addi Turbo's Circular
Started: April 30, 2007
Finished: May 9, 2007
Notes: I need to give more attention to my short rows. Instead of nice tight wraps, I end up with something more like eyelets. Any tips? I'll take 'em.

Sorry, blogger/my computer was being funny about posting pictures, so only half the post was originally published. Here is the rest . . .

Last night there was a beautiful storm. Thunder booming, lighting crashing and loss of power! Why do I sleep so well during the storms, but if Boo-boo rolls over (in his bed, in his room) I jump awake? But I am getting off the subject. Now the air smells so clean and good that I took a short walk. Here is a photo of some peonies I saw along the way. These are my neighbors and are almost ready to bloom. Ants just love the buds right now. Isn't it funny that ants and peonies need one another, yet I don't need ants in my kitchen?


Kellie said...

I love the Cider Moon too. You are doing a great job keeping up with the 52 challenge. For the short rows, I conquered the hole situation via a wonderful tutorial at In her right hand side-bar there is a heading for tutes and you will find it there. Great visual guide that I found invaluable - hope it helps.

jenneke said...

Wow, these socks are really lovely! I have a soft spot for green, but I know what you mean when a yarn looks great on a skein but like barf knit up. Usually, I give those pairs away :)Keep on knitting!

Anonymous said...

I like 'em, Trix. They turned out cute with the heels looking more defined like the toes do. Great job!

Jan said...

Love the color of those socks! They look very comfy. Great Job!

Sarah said...

You are rocking with these socks!!! I love the peonies. I could almost smell the rain. S

moirae said...

Beautiful socks and I love the heels.

For the sock hole problem try Lucy Neatby's Garter Stitch Heel. (They are cushy on your feet too.)