Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sand in my Swim Suit

When I go to the beach, I like to have a large blanket to lay on because of the sand. I curse that prickling irritation called sand. Rinse and rinse (by the way, there is no lady like way of doing this), yet those pesky grains still won't escape my suit. They irritate me, not in a hurting stabbing sort of way, but in a slight uncomfortable sort of way that is just enough to drive me batty. Not until I am home and showered do I feel better. Yet, I love the beach and go back again and again.

Well, I am getting that same pesky irritated feeling about knitting these socks. Some plain toe-up socks, which I mentioned here and here are currently on my needles. I really, really like the yarn. It is probably one of the softest and lightest yarns I have ever worked with. Don't really, really like the color I purchased (love it in the hank and photos). To me, bikini bottom should bring to mind summer, sun and a funny yellow sponge with tube socks on. Separately, the colors are bright and cheery. I like them. When knitted, this color way brings to my mind algae. I'm not loving the way the toe is cute and striped (with defined color changes), but the foot and leg colors become indistinct? Each color seems to blend into the next, blurring and morphing into something that is making me slightly uncomfortable. Sort of like when there is sand my swim suit I can't shower away. But I continue to knit . . . just like I keep going to the beach.

Cider Moon produces a wonderful product and I will snap their yarn up again. Did I mention how soft it is? Or how light it is for a sport weight yarn? Or how, after a few reviews of the photo, it can kinda grow on you? Please understand that this is really a rant about my poor color choice/taste, not the yarn.

Note to self: Leave the bikini bottom (and top . . . big girls and bikini's don't mix) in the drawer. I'm going to hit the shower.


Anonymous said...

I like your analogy and I can certainly see where you are coming from. It is as if the length of yarn in each color is not long enough before it turns into the next color. I am sure there is some correct and scientific way of saying that very same thing, but since I can claim a significant amount of yarn ignorance, I will just fall back on "the length of yarn in each color isn't long enough". It does look really cute down by your little toes...maybe the length of yarn in each color really is long enough...maybe you just have fat feet. Just kidding, of course! Love ya! JJ

Holly Bee said...

Aww, I think they are pretty! But if I look at the sweater I am wearing, I may be partial to algae!

Although I do get the stripes in the toe is more cute than the leg part, but still hand knit socks, gift them!