Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bikini Bottom

I started Nancy Bush's Friday Harbor sock from Knitting on the Road using the yarn purchased here. A lace pattern was not my best choice for this yarn, as the colors got muddled and unpleasing to my eye. Ripping what was started, I requested a do-over. After a short search for another pattern, a decision was made that this yarn should be a simple toe-up sock. My opinion is it will allow the colors to speak for them selves.

My dream: To wear a bikini on my world-class, rock hard body (even after two babies) and prance down the beach, hair blowing in the breeze, and turning heads.

My reality: Slug all the gear for two kids in my confining maillot with conservative cover-up through burning sand while hopping from foot to foot. All the while, yelling for kids to slow down, put on sun screen, don't go in the water yet, etc. Instead of hair blowing gloriously in breeze, my flabby arms would be jiggling from the hopping. Sure heads would turn . . . to hide their amusement and laughter.

Oh well, a girl can dream . . .


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, sis. I only wish my arms were the only body part that was jiggling as I ran across the scalding sand chasing kids that don't want to be caught. What everyone else doesn't know about you though, is that no matter what you say...your hair is so thick and beautiful that it always turns heads. love ya-JJ

trixie stix said...

Gosh I love you!