Friday, May 18, 2007

Grand Rapids Knitting

Between last Sunday and next Sunday, I will have made five trips to the beautiful city of Grand Rapids. GR is a great city, that I always like to visit. But damn that trip is long. Not once did/will I have the opportunity to visit a yarn shop. I really enjoy my visits to City Knitting. But alas, I am unable. With all the soccer games (besides yarn and skiing, why else would I drive that far?!) in Caledonia I just won't have the time. Unless someone can recommend a yarn shop south of the city?

Not sure what this post is really about. I had some decent pictures of me knitting at a track meet (in Rockford). But my computer and my camera's memory stick are in a big tiff right now. Obviously one is not speaking to the other. Why? Not sure. Maybe my camera is jealous that I am using my mp3 just a little too much. Loading music into the mp3 is keeping me preoccupied lately. I guess the "green-eyed monster" can strike anywhere, anytime. But for now, I can't show you the pictures. Jealousy sucks.

PS ~ Maybe my computer is totally in love with it's new mistress, the mp3, and wants nothing to do with the old stand-by camera any more. Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a stitch! Get it? Haha. I is incredibly corny, but I still laughed. If CJ is lurking today, maybe he'll have a thought about how to resolve "the tiff". Be careful out there driving, sis!