Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag, I'm It

I was tagged by Holly. Thank you, by the way (it was my first time). Well, 7 weird things about me. Hmmmm?! JJ, since I know you read this, don't bust me out with any others!

1. I sleep with my feet hanging off the end of the bed. They point straight to the ground, as if I was standing up . . . only I am laying face down. . . in my bed. I can't sleep well otherwise. Not sure what else to say about it.

2. I love fluffer-nutters! OK, now it's not what you think. It's a toasted peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich with gobs of artery clogging real butter. If you love 'em like I do, you understand that the creaminess of the peanut butter and the melty-fun of the marshmallow are pure heaven. CJ (lurking, non-knitter, husband of sister), have JJ make you one, she knows how. Dee-lish!

3. I have a band-aide phobia. Can't. Stand. Them. Don't even keep 'em in the house. I have been known to run to the store to buy a box of band-aide's for a cut (on the kids, I refuse to put them on my body) and then throw the remainder of the box immediately in the trash. Something about band-aides gives me the heebie-jeebies. RM has to remove them from the kids because once used, I won't go near it. I guess any career in medicine is probably not up my alley. BTW - I have a little sister who loved them! She used to put them all over her body and would ask for boxes of them as presents. Weird.

4. Wet, used napkins on a dinner plate piss me off.

5. I hate to admit this one, but . . . I . . . was . . . wait for it . . . in a pageant. No not a beauty pageant, a SCHOLARSHIP pageant. Cough, cough, hack and hack. I still have the gown, hoop skirt and all. That tells you how long ago it was. But that's all I will say. You don't hear mumbling about no talent, corrupt judging and inefficient, self applied make-up. I am not bitter, really.

6. I wanted to be in a rock and roll band, lead singer to be exact. American Idol would have taken me in a minute, I just knew it (if Idol was around then). But when the Jr. High choir director tells you, "You're not really getting the correct note/pitch thing. Just move your lips for the last concert and I'll give you an A." Uh, call me crazy, but don't you think it's a subtle clue that singing might not be for me? Yet Boo-boo still asks for me to sing him "Hush Little Baby" every night. Oh, love is deaf.

7. I can swim for hours. Really, I can. Running hurts like hell. Exercise sucks. But some how swimming just comes easily to me. Pool swimming is like meditation. Lap after glorious lap always clears my head.

So if your still here, haven't been tagged by this already. Join the fun. Please feel free. Sarah, that could be you!


Holly Bee said...

Ahhh, you're awesome!

I love fluffer nutters too!

Yarn It said...

Those are some great facts! The band aid thing cracked me up.

Sarah said...

Oh wow !! I've never been tagged before !! How exciting !! I am going to go and think long and hard about my wierdness and get back to you!! You made me really laugh with this one. I think you are wierd in a good way !!! S

Anonymous said...

I know the tag is just a fun way to share your idiosyncracies with friends and without diminishing that, I'd just like to say...
these things you list as your "wierdness" are in fact, seven characteristics of you that are only endearing to me. I do not see them as "weird", but instead, as some of the ways in which you see the world that make you uniquely "you". A you that doesn't need a silly bandage to show deep compassion, conventional foods to show her family her undying love, the ability to sing on par with Jordin to comfort a baby, or an insignificant SCHOLARSHIP title to show the world how beautiful (inside and out) that she really is. She's the "you" I have always admired, adored and looked up to-no matter how "weird" you or the rest of the world thinks you are. I love you, sis.

Sarah said...

That is lovely.What a lovely thing to say to your sister.You brought a tear to my eye. S