Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Camera/Computer - One

Ding bat using computer - zero.

There are no crushes or jealous rebellions between the computer, the camera and the mp3. The huge problem is with the connection between chair and key board. Trixie, push the darn memory stick completely into the port and all will proceed as planned. Enough said.

So here is a useless picture of my knitting (that I couldn't post) at the conference track meet last week. Enjoy!

These socks are still in the design-work-out-the-kinks mode. So I can't give you a full photo yet. Let's just say my notes were less than clear.

I have started a pair of Jaywalkers, but not really loving how they are coming along. It's not the designer's fault, I am knitting them too large. A yeti could wear them and still have toe-wiggle room. Can we all say gauge square?! Lesson learned.


Eva said...

LOL you cracked me up there :) It makes me think of my dumb french coworkers who call the IT guys when their screen doesn't come on and all the IT guy does is hit the 'on' button!!! Has me screaming with laughter every single time (about once a month hehehe)

Elysbeth said...

Gauge swatches lie. You were just saving the lying step.