Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zippo Knitting

I have been distracted by the beautiful iris that are in full bloom.
My neighbor (always my neighbor) has oodles of these around her home. The colors are simply stunning. I put some serious effort out there to capture just the right color. Nothing seemed to work so I ended up using a flash to get the purple "just right." I'm close, but the photo really doesn't do the flowers justice. These blooms had to be a large as my hand, if not bigger. No kidding.

I have some sock yarn mentioned here, that is very close to these colors, though slightly muted. I was coveting it for a pair of socks for myself. Well, JJ left me such a beautiful comment about my weird things, that I couldn't help but think this yarn should be made into something for her. It is my sincere hope that everyone has the opportunity to have someone as special as JJ in their life. She is truly a lifting spirit and gift from the heavens (note ~ she is the eloquent, sentimental, thoughtful one of the two sisters, I on the other hand am the potty mouthed, goofy, forgetful one). Plus she did mention, oh so subtly, that she would cherish a pair of socks out of said yarn.

Decision made. JJ, the yarn is yours. Love ya.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

I love Irises, such a worthy distraction!!