Thursday, June 07, 2007

Knock, Knock . . .

Who's there?


Trixie Who?!

I know that is what you are saying to yourself right about now. Please know I am sorry for the "slight" delay between postings. Suffice to say, we have been busy around here.

I have started a few socks. Want to see pictures? Good, because here they are.

The sock on the right is a Rainy Day Sock, by Yuliya Sullivan from Magknits. I am using RYC Cashsoft DK in Shade 509. These are knit on bamboo dpn's US #4. The foot came out slightly shorter than I anticipated, so these will make a super gift for someone with say, a size 7 foot. I am loving the picot edge - all very lady like.

The sock on the left is a Jaywalker by Grumperina from Magknits. These are knit with Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet line in Mountain Laurel (first mentioned here, here and a vague reference here) on Addi Turbos US 1 (or 2, I'm not certain, as I took a slight break and neglected to write certain, necessary details down - oops). I do know that the cuff and leg are knit for the larger size, but the foot is knit in the smaller size. It is my experience that this method makes for a nice fit on my foot. Since most everyone has knitted this sock in the past, you may or may not have found it to work for you. It is my hope that JJ enjoys this type of fit too, as it's too late now.

These are my version of a Junior Whitby for Boo-boo. Jr. Whitby is knit in the left over Louet Gems that I did my Whitby's in. The color is pewter and I love it. Needles are Addi Turbos, US 2. Too sappy to have matching mom & son socks? Yea, I thought so too. But I. Don't. Care. My reality - I don't have the space for a large stash (there was a substantial amount left) and this takes up room I could use for new yarn. On the up side, Boo-boo is not in love with them. So, Jr. Whitby's may morph into matching Auntie Trixie and nephew socks.

These were my peonies that bloomed this year. Pooh bear (my dad) helped me plant them a few summers back. In my opinion, peonies are one of the loveliest flowers of all. The colors and scent send me. My feeling to knit something in the exact color of this peony can not be denied much longer. Maybe I'll knit some Marigold's. Think how sweet my feet would be, especially if I used Sweet feet yarn!

Oh that last bit was bad - sorry.

Last minute addition - JJ, in no way is my vague post about Jaywalkers and Yeti sizes inferring that you have large feet. I frogged the yeti sized one and re-knit it. Your Jaywalkers will fit your really on the small side, normal, human, sized feet perfectly.


Sarah said...

Fab peony !! I love them. How do you make them flower so well ? I planted 2 that my mum gave me and they've never flowered. Sob, sob !! Welcome back, by the way ! S

robin said...

Really love the sock on the left - the color is gorgeous!

trixie stix said...

Sarah ~ I am ashamed to say, I plant them and forget them. They are in full sun, so that might make a difference. Sorry that's not much help.

Yarn It said...

They all look great, but I REALLY love the Jaywalker' just convinced me to cast on this weekend!

Donna said...

They are all beautiful!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for the sock update!!

I think the matching mother son socks are a super idea. I actually am making matching ones for myself and one of my sons! Too lazy to knit matching for all 3, plus they'll get handed down!

pamela wynne said...

Three great socks! I love the color of that Cashsoft.

Anonymous said...

Great socks, sis!!! You had me a little confused at first, though, since I am not a knitter and you got your left and right mixed up! Hahaha
I do loooooove the mountain laurel knitted up, though. I. Can't. wait!!! Thanks!