Saturday, June 09, 2007


I knit more of JJ's Jaywalkers. The leg is almost finished, so things are moving along nicely. Since I'll be seeing JJ is July, my plan is to hold on to them and personally deliver the goods. This will be especially poignant, as she will be receiving them mid-summer . . . while in Arizona. My guess is they will not get worn during our visit.

Today was a milestone for me. I finished my first 10K running race! Will I do another? You bet! It was fun, a gorgeous morning and I finished almost 15 minutes faster than anticipated. Yea.

Upon my quest to be thin, the 10K race was a goal I set for myself. Originally, I thought that the training for this race would get me to my target weight. Well, let's just say, I am 24 pounds shy of the 30 pounds lost goal. But I can now run for 56+ minutes straight. Live and learn.


Yarn It said...

That is awesome that you ran your first 10k! Congrats!

Holly Bee said...

Good job on the insane amount of running!

You are an inspiration to sock knitters and future exercisers both :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! I am publicly acknowledging your achievement, but am proud to say that I got the phone call too! Way to go, sis!
If you think I won't be wearing those socks every minute just because we will be in AZ with the A/C set at 84 degrees (yes, really, that is where mom keeps it) you are wrong! I probably won't even take them off to shower...ok, so I will, but you get the idea!JJ