Monday, June 18, 2007

Crabs and Shrimp

But no melted butter. On Sundays, RM and I will have a crab boil with gobs of melted butter. My little slice of heaven (unless you count the tequila with a beer chaser, but that's another thing all together). We eat and eat until it's uncomfortable. Naturally, I always have a stomach ache the next day. Could it be the shots of melted butter I tend to take with each bite of crab? Possibly.

So when I saw this yarn, I had to buy it. This Tofusies yarn was purchased during a trip to Threadbender in Grand Rapids (sorry, I couldn't find a website, so no link). My thought is to make a simple pair of k2, p2 rib socks with it. I have been reading Ann Budd's toe up article in IK's summer issue. Very different cast on method (for me) and a new way to do short rows have piqued my interest. But I already have four socks on my needles, so this will have to wait until I get a pair or two complete.


Donna said...

Crabs...yum! I'm a maryland girl, so I've grown up eating them. I am using the Ann Budd pattern from IK, I really like it and the toe looks very good. I'm worried mine might be too big though. I did the 3rd size & wear a size 8, I measured around the widest part of my foot and got about 8"...what do you think?

trixie stix said...

Donna, I'm working on a post to answer this. I just have to knit some of the sock first. Sorry for taking so long.