Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Fought The Addi's

And the Addi's won.

Yea, Pamela guessed it. I broke down and purchased a size US1 Addi lace circular needle. With all of the press I have read regarding said needles I had to try them for myself. Here is my take:

1. Yes, the joins are super. Gotta give it to the Skacel folks, the joins are smooth as silk. No catching or snagging here.

2. The magenta cord is easier to see. It is bright and makes me smile. An added bonus is this cord seems to be very flexible, more so than the originals. Another two checks in the positive column. Since I primarily (who am I kidding? I have never knit any large lace projects) always use circular needles for magic-loop method to knit socks; I am very glad that the cord is so supple.

3. The needle portions are brass with a coating of resin. Ummm, I think I prefer the original nickel to the coated brass. Something about the brass seems to catch or grate on a minute level when the needles rub against one another. Upon further reading of other blog posts, apparently this is called drag. Well, I do not love it . . . but can live with it.

4. They are S.H.A.R.P. I have the hole in my finger to prove it. Apparently, I am a "pusher," meaning I push the needles back through when finishing a stitch instead of using more of a wrist action. While knitting and watching a tennis lesson today, I poked a hole right through the skin of my index finger. Ouch. I am taking a break from knitting for a few days and letting it heal. How the hell am I supposed to sit through LM's three tennis lessons and a golf lesson without my knitting?

Overall, I am pleased with the needles. Being $14.00 a pop, I had better be, right?


kristinknits said...

Those socks are just lovely! : )

trixie stix said...

Thanks! You can get the pattern at

It's an easy knit that moves along at freight train speed. I'm thinking of casting on a second pair!