Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What have I done for her lately?

Not enough, I can tell you that.

Hello, there! JJ here. For those of you who read Trixie's blog, you can frequently find me commenting on her posts. I am Trixie's younger sister (though she would be quick to tell you that most people cannot actually distinguish which of us is the eldest) and I have the distinct pleasure of being her "guest blogger". I really don't know what I did to earn this right, but here I am and I have lots to say.

My primary charge is to let you all know that Trixie is alive and well and will be back blogging with all of you very shortly. As you probably read in her last post, she took a trip to Arizona for a family member's surgery. I will let her divulge what she wishes regarding said surgery; but for now, suffice to say that it went well and the recipient is recooperating peacefully at home. I went to Arizona as well with my 11 month old in tow. Having an 11 month old while trying to care for a loved one in the Intensive Care Unit where babies are not allowed proved to be quite a challenge, but Trixie stepped up. Without her help, I would have done just as well to stay home. Thanks, Trixie.

My secondary duty is to show you the socks that Trixie made for me. (Please forgive the picture placement...I was lucky to figure out how to get the picture there at all!) I dropped as many hints on this blog as possible that I wanted those socks! I saw the Mountain Laurel yarn, seen in "Solid Gold Sweet Feet", and knew that I just had to have them. So what happened? Trixie stepped up. I don't know the pattern or needles she used and I don't know how long they took her, but I do know I. Love. Them! I vowed to wear them in Arizona despite the heat and I did just that! I had those socks on every day and boy, are they comfy!

Those are the things that Trixie asked me to share. And having done that, I can now share an observation of my own.

There are times in life that call you to be all that you are capable of being. This past week was one of those times for Trixie and me. It was a week where the things you do show who you really are and what your character is made of. I can tell you that my behavior left something to be desired, but ...you guessed it...Trixie stepped up.

Now, I am the sort of person who likes to help others. I'll open a door for a frustrated delivery man who can't get the door open. I pick trash up off the streets. I hold elevator doors. I will listen to the venting of my beloved sister. I enjoy giving gifts. But this past week, I was too involved in my own emotions and let them take control of me. But not Trixie. She did all of those things and many more despite going through hard emotions herself. She made volatile situations more calm. She showed who she really is and she can be proud. I know I am proud of her. She made me feel beter, she made me see things in a new perspective. She made me ...look bad! Just kidding. She demonstrated grace and an inner fortitude that I can only admire at this point. So, what have I done for her lately? I posted a blog when she didn't have access to a computer, and I hope that' s enough to tell her how very much I love her.


Sarah said...

Well done JJ. I think the photo placement is fine !! You sound to me like someone Trixie must love very much and I doubt that she thinks you let yourself down this week.Hope all your family troubles resolve happily.And if you ever start a blog - let me know ! S

Yarn It said...

What a nice post! Trixie is obviously a wonderful person in many ways....and so are you! Whatever is going on, I hope all is well and is being resolved. Part of the good thing about times like you are describing, is that it helps us look deeper into ourselves and also realize the good in others. Only good comes out of those things.

Mum's the Word said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes! It is so nice to come to Trixie's blog and hear from all of you normally, but especially in support of something that was kind of scary for me! It actually made me post on my own blog that I have had since January and have bee procrastinating...so Mum's the Word. Hope to see you there and I hope Trixie likes the post as you did! JJ

trixie stix said...

JJ ~ you humble me with your kind words. I love you more than words can say. Thank you.

a friend to knit with said...

Oh, the love you two feel for each other, so came through in this post. I love it!

Sisters are just the best.......I don't know what I would do or who I would be without mine. They make us whole.....

Thanks for sharing this, sisters. I hope that you and yours are all well.

Nik said...

Great Job, JJ. I pray that things are going well with your family.