Monday, August 20, 2007

Fashionably Late

Well, I am fashionably late to just about everything. Tennis players receive 15 minute "grace period" or default time before the match is called for no-show. RM calls my constant lateness my "default-time." Mom says I could be late to my own funeral. So, naturally we usually plan accordingly. People expect me to be late.

So here I am telling you much later . . . I got my invite to Ravelry! Well, I really received a month ago, but have been secretly working on it since then. Still a work in progress, but I am loving all the options available.

Pssst. Can I tell you a secret? I am relieved to have everything in one spot. Honestly? I have spread sheets for needles, stash yarn, completed projects and queued projects. Add in a three ring binder with photos and short notes about each project and we have a lot of information hid spread all over the house. But I could not keep everything organized or up to date. Too much work in too many damn places. So Ravelry is really working for me. Gone are the spreadsheets (but not the binder, I kinda like it) freeing up my time to knit or play on the Internet with my other knitting friends.

And to be even later to the party, I also have a flickr account now! Finally. So when I can figure out how to get links in my sidebar to each of these sites, I'll let you know.

Hey, does anyone know how to get certain keys on the keyboard to work after 1/2 a bottle of water is spilled on it? They worked this morning right after the spill incident. Help *** the delete button won't work! ***


Yarn It said...

I wish I could get my Ravelry stuff organized like that. I haven't found the time....but I should! I am sure it is a huge relief!

Sarah said...

OOoops! Not sure about liquid accidents. Good Luck with that ! S

kristinknits said...

Isn't ravelry the BEST? I am totally, utterly addicted to it. It must be the librarian in me! Ha! I have had my acct for a while, but finally got around to using it over the past week or so.

Robin said...

Ravelry has helped me get more organized too - what is your id? Mine is RobinM, come by and "friend" me!

Holly Bee said...

I think for the keyboard thing maybe rubbing alcohol to help the keys evaporate. Serious. Computer person told me that once. I haven't tried it though.

You could also pry the key off and q tip it.

I LOVE RAVELRY!! I added a bunch of books to my library page!! It's soo cool being able to see them in one spot. I have them all over the house it doesn't seem like I have so many :)

kristinknits said...
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