Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yarn Peaks

Casting on for my Habu Jacket was interesting. So far, I am enjoying this knit. The stainless steel makes the yarn extremely fun to work with. Right now, the novelty of knitting something with metal is engaging me more than a typical yarn would.What I find truly unique is that the yarn can be molded (due to the stainless steel component), by which I mean you can sculpt or pull (gently) on the fabric and it remains exactly where you put it. How amusing it is to have a sweater with little bumps all over it (almost like peaks) and not have had to knit a single bobble or do anything fancy. I have to laugh at the thought of making two peaks right in the middle of my back. . . you wouldn't be able to tell if I was coming or going! And, if later you want a smooth jacket, just gently stretch the fabric back into shape. How clever is that!

Roza socks are at a stand still. I ripped them out, began again, and asked for my mulligan. My calculations were a bit off and I could not get the foot to work out correctly. Very tight, very, very tight fitting. Which I considered odd because I cast on more stitches than the pattern required. It has to do with how many stitches I used for heel vs. top of foot (more in heel, less on foot) which didn't compute for me. My math skills weak. Let's just say if I were to play this game, I would definitely be on the loosing end. Now, I am following the pattern word for word. If they are too small for me. . . I'll give them as a gift. Yet, my heart longs for them to fit. The yarn is splendid and the pattern is simple and classy.

We spent the weekend between a charity Pro-Am tennis tournament and Fall Futbol Frenzy tournament. RM has been organizing this tournament for 19 years, raising a total of over $95,000 for scholarships. This year was another fun year. I am proud of his commitment to charity works, but do not hesitate to tell you that by Sunday he is exhausted. The soccer was great with Soccerchica's team taking second place overall. She played super, even in 97 degree heat!

I need to send out a "Happy Birthday" to JJ. She celebrated her birthday over the weekend. You can check out her blog at Mum's the Word.