Monday, October 15, 2007

929 Bloglines to Read

OMG! A lot has happened without me in the past few weeks.

929 bloglines about knitting. . .do we really not have anything else to do in our lives?

I certainly hope we don't. Reading these lovely blogs about knitting, life and simple pleasures are my way of slowing down the hectic whirlwind that I call life. The beauty of words and photos mixed with glimpses into a stranger’s life are exciting. My day ends with the anticipation of perusing these glimpses, making me very happy. Capping my day off right, so to speak. Therefore, I am going to take my time and read through each one, reading slowly so to enjoy the loveliness each blog possesses.

Though commenting may be a little tough. It seems my little brain only has so many words it can spew forth in a semi-coherent manner on any given day. Commenting on one or two is difficult enough, but over 50 a day?! Gees, who do you think I am? Wonder woman?!**

**The visual of me wearing the skimpy costume, the sexy boots and the gold wrist bands while knitting and reading blogs seems hysterical to me at this moment. What do you think?

1 comment:

Margot said...

I think that you are completely right when you talk about those simple pleasures in life that make the whole thing a little less hectic.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I really have to pick up knitting again (I'm doing some cross stitching at the moment) and I have to drop over more ;-) Happy New Year Trixie!