Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pouring In

Rain that is. Southwest Michigan seems to be getting quite a bit today. There is a small leak in our roof - in several places. With buckets safely under the offending leaks, I can now focus on the water that is slowing filling my basement. An indoor pool has always been a dream of mine, but honestly.

Why do we tolerate this? Because we a slowing working our way toward a new addition. These decisions are big and we wouldn't want to rush them. To make a roof replacement only to rip it off the next year for the addition is silly.

In the mean time, it pains me to report that sweet Juliet has met her demise and was frogged yesterday. Due to a slight miscalculation on my part, not enough yarn was purchased to complete the sweater. After checking several sources, I found out that the yarn has been discontinued and no one seems to have any. In addition, the sweater seems to be HUGE and I am knitting a small. The weight of double stranded yarn made the bodice stretch too much for my liking. New revelation - anything knit in a double strand of worsted or in a chunky yarn is too bulky for my frame. My thoughts are turning to knit this up single strand of worsted, in a different gauge. Having never attempted this feat, let alone without a net, I think I will table this for quiet, up-north knitting.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the leaky house :) Hope it doesn't get too bad...

About the sweater/gauge thing: you can use this to figure out the hard stuff... it does it all for you:

Cheers Eva

Anonymous said...

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