Friday, November 17, 2006

I Know A Warren Miller Film Star

Want to know my relationship to a Warren Miller Film Star?

Well, RM & I are in Warren's movie Cold Fusion. Yup, it's true. We are skiing down the hills, looking great with the sun glittering off the snow. (Don't we wish). No, we are not in the film for our skiing ability, but for our falling abilities! RM saw the crew at the top of the lift and wanted to see if we could get them to film us falling. RM, myself and four of our friends did just that. We all fell getting off the lift, causing it to come to a complete halt. The film crew were laughing. Hard. The lift crew was not. But in the end, our fall made it in the film.

What? You haven't heard of Warren Miller? Check out his web site here. He makes great skiing films. We go see them every year. Off the Grind is playing in Kalamazoo this weekend. If you don't like skiing or loud music, then this film is not for you. There is a lot of cheering, yelling and beer sales. Yup, beer at a movie. Love it!

We also have friends coming to stay for the weekend. Boo-boo is so excited to have more little ones his own age in the house. RM will be watching "the game of the century" with all his friends on Saturday. Soccer Chica and I will be at soccer training, then an indoor game. After that, I hope to get some knitting in with my friend Heidi. She is bringing her needles and yarn with her.

Bring on the knitting!

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