Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday Yarn Quest

Saturday, Soccer Chica had early morning training in Grand Rapids. I decided that while she was practicing, I would go on a short quest for new yarn. I visited two shops, City Knitting and Thread Bender.

City Knitting is a super shop, about 4 miles North of 28th Street. I only reference this because that's where the training facility was, hence my starting point. When you walk in, there are flyers for each class offered, plus knitted samples. The yarn selection is good. I was impressed with the use of plain brick walls, warm paint colors and contrasting black display boxes. The color of each yarn shows up beautifully against the black. The center of the store boasts a couch, some comfy chairs plus a rocker. To boot, there was a coffee table with muffins and goodies set out! I arrived just after they opened. Two knitters were already settled in and knitting on projects (can you say green with envy). There is a nook for felting, needles, and patterns. City Knitting also had a nice selection of hard to find needles. A second room that houses sock yarn and sport weight yarn with a big comfy chair. I think this is for the reluctant spouses that get dragged in here. The staff is friendly and very willing to help. Scored two skeins of Cascade 220. One in red (already gift to Heidi - the non-blogger) and one in plum for me. This will be another Sophie purse for a Christmas gift. I will definitely return to this shop.

The next shop is the Thread Bender (they do not have a web site that I could find) on 44th Street. This shop had a lot of yarn. I was very impressed with how light and open it felt. They had a large selection of Koigu in yummy-yummy colors. I wanted to buy it all! You know that feeling you get while looking at yarn? The haze begins to engulf you and you say to yourself "I could charge it. . . Do you think if I called the credit card company they would up my limit?" Well, I had that haze. Thank goodness Soccer Chica came in to the shop to save me. Thread Bender will be my next stop because I've wanted to knit socks in Koigu for a very long time. The shop also had looms and weaving supplies. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Plus, there is some Debbie Bliss in the sale bin! Rush in if you can. I am returning to this shop next week.

Note on both shops - keep an eye out for the outside shop signs. I think that city restrictions have hindered them, so the signs are small.

Also, visit Elliphantom Knits to see hers and then where she got inspiration! Very chic.

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